Hello, I'm Ruby Lin!
Passionate, delightful and self-motivated Graphic Designer, Illustrator and UI/UX Designer with a few years of experience creating and improving based on visual graphics. A proficient team player who collaborates with others to provide innovative ideas, visual graphics, solutions and time management. 
I always put thought, discipline and creativity into every project. I keep making things possible and have become captivated by digitization. As a lifelong learner, I am committed to adapting to technological advancements, for example learning new software and various apparatus relevant to my work. I aim to keep myself updated and passionate about designs and the various methods that entail to it.

2021 - 2023  
Interactive Media Design
Seneca College | Toronto, Canada
2008 - 2011  
Information Communications
- Graphic Design and Film

Kainan University | Taipei, Taiwan
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